It stands in the middle of the two restaurants mentioned above, and it is probably the most beautiful restaurants in town as well as the best one. It blends in the authentic looks of Khmer signature house design and the greenery all around it perfectly well. The view is just addicting, and some travelers just walk in as if they were under some sort of spell from the place. You can see the light bulbs hanging from one tree to another. It opens for two meals a day: lunch and dinner.

The waiters will take you to your seat after getting clear information on your group’s number of people. The menu shows a variety of cuisine, but the Khmer dishes are a must-try recommendation. You can order Amok, Fried Seafood, and especially the Hot-stirred Frog Legs. The service is at a moderate pace, but you would feel no rush as you are surrounded by such romantic scenery in one of the best restaurants in the city.


A very recent restaurant among the others on the list, yet the scenery just to be seen from the outside is the subject of admiration by the passerby. It has got two modest floors but with the decoration of traditional Khmer sculptures looking as ancient as they can be. The whole place is cold thanks to well-equipped air conditional. The staff is super friendly to you that you can’t help but visit again and again just to enjoy their company.

With a wide range of dish on the menu, you should order exotic Khmer dishes like Mikola or their delicious Curry and finish off your meal with the infamous pancake. You can also visit the place in the late afternoon just so you can watch the beautiful sunset from its rooftop which includes a bar and live music in the evening. If that is not one of the best restaurants, what is?

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